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ICA debuts new hepatitis B drug

BINH DUONG Local drug company ICA Pharmaceuticals has introduced a new drug to treat chronic and interstitial hepatitis B to the Vietnamese market.
The drug, called VICT-RON(Lamivudine), was produced in co-operation with ICA, HCM City Medical and Pharmaceutical Universities and the Liver and Gall Association (LGA).

VICTRON comes not a moment too late. Hepatitis B is on the rise in Viet Nam, according to a research from HCM Citys health department, and about 15 per cent of patients develop chronic hepatitis B that leads to liver cancer.

The medicine should cost approximately 35 per cent less than similar imported products and would be manufactured to European standards, ICA said.

The local company unveiled VICTRON last Saturday at a meeting of several hundred professors, doctors and experts in the southern province of Binh Duong.

Professor Pham Hoang Phiet, chairman of HCM Citys LGA, and Dr Dinh Da Ly Huong, deputy chairwoman of the Viet Nam LGA, told the meeting about the results of their 12 month research on the drug.

"The medicine will help 87 per cent of those heavily affected with hepatitis B and interstitial hepatitis to recover after one year of treatment," the doctors said. VNS

(Source VietNam News)

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